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The Concept

Proudly designed to suit both New Zealand and extended off shore- cruising conditions the Stella Water Maker is manufactured and assembled in both New Zealand and Australia.

Stella Watermakers combine simplicity with quality components to create a reliable, easy to use system that offers real value for money and are the result of many years of experience operating, servicing, selling and installing all brands and types of watermakers (reverse osmosis desalination plants).

Whether you are a seasoned superyacht engineer or cruising sailor our modular watermakers are designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance.



Stella manufactures 3 types of watermakers:

All Stella Watermakers are modular (not a large framed box) so they can be fitted wherever there is available space.

The units are free of electronics, just simple manual control valves.

Stella Water makers are a very efficient and reliable way of making plenty of water very quickly.


Electric 240VAC240VAC Pump

Designed for larger powerboats, yachts and catamarans with a suitable sized AC genset, the 240vac is a great option.

You will need a minimum 3.5kva (continuously rated) genset to run the Stella 240VAC electric unit.

Output is 80, 160 or 210 litres per hour of water using 1, 2 or 3 standard membranes.

Power usage (LP and HP pump) is approx. 8.5 amps when running (plus start-up load).


Engine DrivenEngine Driven Pump

For those who choose the run the Stella water maker off an inboard engine.

You will need a suitable engine with enough spare room to fit an engine bracket and pulley system. Stella Systems can assist with the design of the brackets however some custom fabrication will be required.

Output is 80, 160 or 240 litres per hour of water using 1, 2 or 3 standard membranes.

Power usage is approx. 2HP draw from engine.


Electric 12VDC

Designed for sailing yachts, catamarans and small powerboats.

This is the option to use if you don’t have a genset or suitable motor with room to mount an engine driven system.

The smaller motor and high pressure pump means less water output than the AC or engine driven units however this is the trade-off from using the 12v dc system.

Current draw is 28 amps so you will need a good 12v deep cycle, high capacity batteries, or you may need to run an engine to top up batteries while making water.


Stella Options


Auto Flush

The Auto Flush unit makes it easier to maintain your watermaker if you are not regularly making water or unable to perform a weekly manual flush.

The system includes a control box with dual timer and solenoid valve which automatically flushes your system with fresh water from your boats tank, every 7 days, just for a few minutes.

To avoid damage to the membrane all watermaker membranes need to be flushed with fresh water after each use and then every 7 days if not pickled for storage.


Spares KitSpares Kit

All the consumables you need for 6-12 months cruising (depending on usage). Includes: 3x 20 micron seawater filters, 3x 5 micron seawater filters, 1x 5 micron charcoal (carbon) filter, 1x 500g pickling solution (for membrane storage), 1x 1lt HP pump oil.


Stella Advantages


Control PanelSimple manual operation, no electronics

The Stella Water makers are simple to use. You don't have to study the manual to be able to operate our watermakers.

With the operation of just two valves and a pressure control knob on the control panel you are producing water.

The units come with a laminated "Quick Start-Up Sheet" with step by step instructions so anyone can make water quickly.

All electronic automation which can make watermakers difficult to use, unreliable and even harder to fix has been removed. 

Super performance and reliability

Our watermakers make fresh water fast, 80-240 litres per hour with our AC and engine driven units.

So you don't have to do it every day or for long periods we follow "the quicker the better" rule.

With the simplicity, quality components and lack of electronics comes unequalled reliability, critical when cruising.

Quality 316 stainless steel components

From our high pressure pump to our membrane housing end caps and fittings, all metal components are 316 grade stainless steel (or Duplex), designed for a harsh marine environment.

We appreciate quality and have sourced the best components from around the world for our watermakers. This combination of quality components and a simple design creates a very reliable, easy to use system.

Low maintenance and running costs

 A simple, better engineered watermaker with less components means less maintenance is required.

Running costs are minimal, however as also ways is dependent on how often it's used and how well it's maintained.

Consumables such as membranes, filters, pickling solution and pump oil are all standard items available from us or worldwide.

Modular design for easy installation

 All Stella Watermakers are modular (separate components not a large framed box) so can be fitted wherever there is available space.

The Control Panel can be mounted with other components or remotely in a bathroom cabinet or cockpit locker.

 80-240 litres of water per hour (expandable)

Our standard AC and engine driven high pressure pumps will run up to 3 membranes, so for example should you have an 80l unit and your water requirements change you can always add another membrane to increase water production.

No flashing lights or failing circuit boards

Fully automated watermakers use a multitude of electronics including a microprocessor, circuit boards, solenoid valves, timers, relays, pressure switches, led screens, flashing lights and salinity probes. Great when they work, but the cost goes up and reliability goes down!

Any experienced cruiser knows that the simpler the equipment the better.


 No high maintenance energy recovery pumps

End PlugWe use industry standard 316 stainless steel triplex high pressure pumps with solid ceramic plungers, designed specifically for marine desalination, not complicated energy recovery pumps with lots of O-rings and poppet valves that create more maintenance.

Parts and service for these pumps are available worldwide.


No cracking plastic membrane end plugs

The end plugs are quality Duplex 2205 stainless steel for high strength and corrosion resistance. This avoids cracking which can cause dangerous high pressure leaks, common with plastic membrane housing end caps


High Quality High pressure hoses

The highest quality hoses with 316 Stainless fittings are used in the Stella Water Maker. These hoses are protected with an anti-wear wrap to prolong the life of the hoses.

No proprietory components

When developing the system the focus was on using industry standard components that you can easily find worldwide.   If you are in a remote area we can ship parts fast if required or help you find them locally.


Aftersales service and backup

Stella Systems is more than just a sales company; we design and manufacture our watermakers so we can offer you the customer the best service and backup.  We have a marine engineering division who services all brands of watermakers and any member of the team can help with all troubleshooting queries.


Installation and servicing if requiredInstallation Manual

The 30 page Installation & Operation Manual supplied with each watermaker provides simple step by step instructions with diagrams of all components.  This makes the installation and maintenance of the water maker easy for the DIY boat owner, boat builder or contracted installer.  


12 month limited New Zealand warranty

 We offer a 12 month limited warranty on our watermakers. This is a New Zealand warranty; you talk directly with us the manufacturer. 


Shipping Box

Real Value for Money

The combination of a simple reliable design, quality components and high water output make Stella Watermakers real value for money.

It is New Zealand assembled and comes with a New Zealand warranty and local technical back-up.  

Trade and export enquiries welcome!

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